Building Communities

Community interest lies at the core of Barayih Salem and the street is an empowering avenue for gathering like-minded people in expressing themselves – defining their ideas, opinions and passions, in a positive, constructive way – therefore resulting in a supportive and loyal network that they can leverage on as a community.

Small-medium enterprises play an important role in the development of the Kuwaiti economy, where it contributes to about 3% of the nation’s GDP; which makes it one of the sectors with high potential for innovation and growth. Stepping in to help SMEs receive the support and attention needed, Barayih Salem constructed 14 kiosks for small-medium size businesses, created eight communities to allow people to engage in knowledge sharing and networking.


The Barayih Salem’s logo representes the various dynamic communities that people can become a part of or feel a connection towards. Whether its music, art, business, technology, or food – Barayih Salem will become their center point to meet fellow talents to share their ideas and experiences.

  • Food & Beverage community
  • Creative community
  • Media community
  • Entertainment
  • Business community
  • Technology community
  • Environment community